Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All I have are memories...

I remember the time we spent
I remember the dreams we had seen
I remember the path we had taken
I remember the places we had been

I remember your angelic voice
I remember the songs you sang
I remember the taste of your lips
As the pictures in my memories still hang

I remember how you smiled
I remember the tears you shed
I remember the look in your eyes
When you lay beside me on the bed

Yes, I remember everything
Every moment we had together
For that's all I have left now
All that I hold so dear

May be I'll smile again someday
May be my heart will beat again
But for now I'll put my mask back on
As I have nothing left but pain

I'll not call your name
I'll never cross your way
But I'll keep these memories
Forever with me they'll stay

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