Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All I have are memories...

I remember the time we spent
I remember the dreams we had seen
I remember the path we had taken
I remember the places we had been

I remember your angelic voice
I remember the songs you sang
I remember the taste of your lips
As the pictures in my memories still hang

I remember how you smiled
I remember the tears you shed
I remember the look in your eyes
When you lay beside me on the bed

Yes, I remember everything
Every moment we had together
For that's all I have left now
All that I hold so dear

May be I'll smile again someday
May be my heart will beat again
But for now I'll put my mask back on
As I have nothing left but pain

I'll not call your name
I'll never cross your way
But I'll keep these memories
Forever with me they'll stay

Let me dream!

I saw them crying
Yes, I saw them scream
I saw them letting it all go
I saw the bodies flow down the stream

Looking up for help,
I saw the fears in their eyes
I saw the smoke of the ashes
I saw them rise to the skies

I saw the holes in them
Yes, I saw your madness
I saw your truth, your lies
I saw through you, more or less

I cannot take this nightmare
Have I been awake too long?
As you wreck all their dreams
Can I get out of your vise strong?

I don't want any part of this insanity
I don't want to hear that guttural scream
At the end of the fear, where there is love
I want to close my eyes; just let me dream!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Your god is not mine

Your god is better than mine
Is what you want me to believe
And while they cry for the lost,
You preach, "this is the way to live!"

The voice of the tortured souls
Don't reach your closed ears.
Your wall's thick, skin thicker
Do you not see the dried up tears?

You fight for your God's place
When millions have no place to go.
You revere a piece of rock
But do their pain you know?

You burn homes for your God's sake
You wreck families for hate
You bury their unborn children
Is that what you call faith?

Go, scream to the skies for forgiveness
Go, commit one more sin
But don't preach your God to me
I am fine without him