Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The path leads to you

There are a thousand love stories
Each with their own legends
Each making their own sound
Setting their own expressions

I heard them for a long time, 
and set out to find my own
To cast the lingering clouds of loneliness away
"Maybe," I thought, "I'll also have my dawn."

I scourged the deepest of caves
And climbed the highest of cliffs
Just to find an image that matches
the one that holds the life's gifts.

Then I realized the mistakes of my ways
What I was looking for was there all along
Right within me were you
In me where you always belong

I heard the thousand love stories
And tried finding meaning in them.
Not realizing I don't need to look there
My story is right within

You made me what I couldn't be
free of the fears of tomorrow.
And remember the quote I heard
that lovers don't finally meet somewhere;
they are in each other all along

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