Thursday, December 24, 2015

My only hope

Sometimes I know I am a bit much
Sometimes I can lose sight
Of what there would be
Or what is my next fight

In a world full of lies
there's only one truth
That truth is only you
You and and only you sooth

Of what I know in this world
if not for your love
I would have fallen long ago
without your shadow above

Through my bones it's only you
and through my breath it's only you
For you are my destiny
for whom I do what I do

I am just words
The song you are
I am just a body
The soul you are

For all I know of me
for you will I bleed
And if the next breath is my last
it's you all I need

For all the despair in me
or at the end of my rope
It's only you I trust
You're my only hope

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