Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The path leads to you

There are a thousand love stories
Each with their own legends
Each making their own sound
Setting their own expressions

I heard them for a long time, 
and set out to find my own
To cast the lingering clouds of loneliness away
"Maybe," I thought, "I'll also have my dawn."

I scourged the deepest of caves
And climbed the highest of cliffs
Just to find an image that matches
the one that holds the life's gifts.

Then I realized the mistakes of my ways
What I was looking for was there all along
Right within me were you
In me where you always belong

I heard the thousand love stories
And tried finding meaning in them.
Not realizing I don't need to look there
My story is right within

You made me what I couldn't be
free of the fears of tomorrow.
And remember the quote I heard
that lovers don't finally meet somewhere;
they are in each other all along

Thursday, December 24, 2015

My only hope

Sometimes I know I am a bit much
Sometimes I can lose sight
Of what there would be
Or what is my next fight

In a world full of lies
there's only one truth
That truth is only you
You and and only you sooth

Of what I know in this world
if not for your love
I would have fallen long ago
without your shadow above

Through my bones it's only you
and through my breath it's only you
For you are my destiny
for whom I do what I do

I am just words
The song you are
I am just a body
The soul you are

For all I know of me
for you will I bleed
And if the next breath is my last
it's you all I need

For all the despair in me
or at the end of my rope
It's only you I trust
You're my only hope

Friday, December 4, 2015

Our journey

The wind that has blown today
From the damnedest of places 
to heavens, we wait tomorrow,
while roll the drums of changes
sound better than yesterday's sorrow

Laid I in the filth of broken promises;
I ended up in your arms
And the wounds I licked,
healed through your charm

It's not the end of the road,
but a beginning of new beginnings
I'll hold your hands and walk again,
and cash my winnings

And even though I stand at the edge
of an uncertain future
I stand with you, unafraid of what may come
I stand here as your suitor

While we long for the safety in our destiny
There's a reason I took a risk and dove
At the end of the fall is our victory, and 
the journey is our love