Monday, August 3, 2015

The only truth

I remember the day when I first met you.
The world had changed for me that day.
That moment brought me a new lease of life;
It felt that I had found the person I wanted;
The person I'll call my wife.

The place was electric, I could feel the sparks
In your eyes, I could see the world new
I could finally let the pain of yesterday go;
I could see where my path leads me to.

I didn't know what love meant till I saw you
And now I know nothing but love
Because I have the angel sent for me from above
And that's all that remains in my life

So, when I write this
All I want to tell you
There's nothing else to say, or to do
All I know and only thing to me is true
I love you; I'll always do...

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