Monday, August 24, 2015

New horizon

My silence of eternity
Found a voice recently.
It rung through my ears
Calming the nerves fervently.

It pierced through my heart,
And jolted my soul.
The walls that confined me
Now bore a gaping hole.

Never was I so restless
And calm at the same time.
I was terrified of what was to come
And at the same time, welcomed this beautiful chime.

There was no giving up
As I lay down to see the stars
Behold! I found my star
In the sky, held like holy grail in a cup

I felt the grip getting stronger,
The urge to finally give in to this feeling.
It was what I always wanted
Finally, can I break through that glass ceiling?

I found my locked up sense of belief,
The reason for me to live again.
All I could see was the love you brought,
Or may be, I was going insane.

There, I found your love in me
In my heart I'll preserve it for life.
And you'll have to do is come find me
'Cause together with you, I long to be

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