Thursday, August 20, 2015

A journey through my heart

Come with me.
Let me take you on a tour
To a place so deep
A place filled with joys of yours

Step into my heart
A place where only you live
Look into that corner
That's the first moment of you and me

You see that little picture?
That's the first one we clicked together
And though it's only one of many,
It is etched here forever

Come down this street.
Do you see that highway?
It's the road we took for our first drive
The first time we rode,
The first on my heart your hand lay

Just a little further,
That's the place we first kissed.
And it may have been just 5 minutes
But it laid foundation to a life blessed

Further down this lane
Are the moments we spent together
Every moment more special than before,
Each moment made for our pure fervor

Many such moments reside in my heart
Created by you, so wonderful and pure
And when you walk down my heart
You'll find more, of that I am sure

And when you find my love for you here
Don't be overwhelmed
It's just the beginning of a chapter
Of a book written for us by God

In my heart will you always stay
No distance would keep us apart
And for all that you have in this life
I'll give you more of me and my heart

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