Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A dream come true

For a long time
I had a dream
A dream I saw alone
I had no one to share it with
I had no one to fight for
All I had was a dream
A dream I saw alone

Some days I'd put up a fight
To realize that dream
Some other days I'd think
'Why fight when I have nothing
To fight for?'
Some days I'd have a purpose
Some days I'd feel down
Unwanted, alone

Then one day things changed
I found purpose
I found motive
I found meaning to my life
A reason to fight for

I wanted to live more
I wanted a better life
I wanted to go on
I wanted more from everything
I found my will to fight

It was a day like no day before
It was brighter than yesterday
My dream found life that day
A melancholy strain became a beautiful duet

That day turned everything around
There was a purpose new, because
That was the day I met you
And it was better than before
It was a dream come true
'Cause I fell in love with you

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