Monday, August 24, 2015

New horizon

My silence of eternity
Found a voice recently.
It rung through my ears
Calming the nerves fervently.

It pierced through my heart,
And jolted my soul.
The walls that confined me
Now bore a gaping hole.

Never was I so restless
And calm at the same time.
I was terrified of what was to come
And at the same time, welcomed this beautiful chime.

There was no giving up
As I lay down to see the stars
Behold! I found my star
In the sky, held like holy grail in a cup

I felt the grip getting stronger,
The urge to finally give in to this feeling.
It was what I always wanted
Finally, can I break through that glass ceiling?

I found my locked up sense of belief,
The reason for me to live again.
All I could see was the love you brought,
Or may be, I was going insane.

There, I found your love in me
In my heart I'll preserve it for life.
And you'll have to do is come find me
'Cause together with you, I long to be

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A journey through my heart

Come with me.
Let me take you on a tour
To a place so deep
A place filled with joys of yours

Step into my heart
A place where only you live
Look into that corner
That's the first moment of you and me

You see that little picture?
That's the first one we clicked together
And though it's only one of many,
It is etched here forever

Come down this street.
Do you see that highway?
It's the road we took for our first drive
The first time we rode,
The first on my heart your hand lay

Just a little further,
That's the place we first kissed.
And it may have been just 5 minutes
But it laid foundation to a life blessed

Further down this lane
Are the moments we spent together
Every moment more special than before,
Each moment made for our pure fervor

Many such moments reside in my heart
Created by you, so wonderful and pure
And when you walk down my heart
You'll find more, of that I am sure

And when you find my love for you here
Don't be overwhelmed
It's just the beginning of a chapter
Of a book written for us by God

In my heart will you always stay
No distance would keep us apart
And for all that you have in this life
I'll give you more of me and my heart

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Ever since I saw you,
My life has turned around.
I smile a little more,
I laugh a little harder,
I stop by to smell the roses,
I have turned a little smarter.
I scorn a little lesser,
I enjoy the finer things a bit more,
I want to take a risk or two,
I want to fight a little longer.

Ever since I met you,
My life has turned for better.
'Cause I love you,
My love for you is true,
And whatever I'll do,
I'll do it for you.
There's nothing more important to me
Than you.
I love you,
I'll always do!

Lovestruck I am;
Lovestruck are you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A dream come true

For a long time
I had a dream
A dream I saw alone
I had no one to share it with
I had no one to fight for
All I had was a dream
A dream I saw alone

Some days I'd put up a fight
To realize that dream
Some other days I'd think
'Why fight when I have nothing
To fight for?'
Some days I'd have a purpose
Some days I'd feel down
Unwanted, alone

Then one day things changed
I found purpose
I found motive
I found meaning to my life
A reason to fight for

I wanted to live more
I wanted a better life
I wanted to go on
I wanted more from everything
I found my will to fight

It was a day like no day before
It was brighter than yesterday
My dream found life that day
A melancholy strain became a beautiful duet

That day turned everything around
There was a purpose new, because
That was the day I met you
And it was better than before
It was a dream come true
'Cause I fell in love with you

Friday, August 14, 2015

A place for me

I was looking for a place
To hide from this cruel world
To get away from the dreaded
From the venom of the snakes curled

I found it in your arms
Where I found safety
I checked into the unknown
Even if the price seemed hefty

You wiped my tears
You made me feel special
And I could rest in peace
Your touch was that soothing, gentle

Nowhere would I rather be
Than being in your eyes
'Cause that's all I want to see
That's where my heart lies

So let me bathe in your sunshine
Let me be whole again
Your love is all I need
It takes away all my pain

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My heaven

For a long time I wondered,
"What's there beyond this realm?
Is there another world in existence?
Is there a heaven I could find?"

I met you, and I found
There's nothing else I need to look for
'Cause the bliss I was yearning for
Is right here with me.

In you I found my heaven
In you I found my purpose
I saw what it means to be with you
I found what it is to be us

Angels may be a figment of imagination
But I found one for real
And may be somewhere a heaven exists,
But I have mine right here

So what do I care of another realm
Or whether there's bliss someplace else.
All I know is you're my bliss
And I don't need anything else!

Monday, August 3, 2015

The only truth

I remember the day when I first met you.
The world had changed for me that day.
That moment brought me a new lease of life;
It felt that I had found the person I wanted;
The person I'll call my wife.

The place was electric, I could feel the sparks
In your eyes, I could see the world new
I could finally let the pain of yesterday go;
I could see where my path leads me to.

I didn't know what love meant till I saw you
And now I know nothing but love
Because I have the angel sent for me from above
And that's all that remains in my life

So, when I write this
All I want to tell you
There's nothing else to say, or to do
All I know and only thing to me is true
I love you; I'll always do...