Saturday, July 25, 2015

Our tomorrow

Look at the sky gray
It has opened up
Pouring down on this barren land
From the top to the bottom,
And bottom to top

It reminds me of you;
What your love means to me!
The reason for my resurrection
Like a rain to a dying tree

My monochromatic dull life
Is filled with your colors
Like a blank canvas
That an artist in you discovered

It's your song that I hear
In my soul I preserve it
And my life depends
On what you predict

There's no place better
For me than your eyes;
They are windows to tomorrow
Where there are flowers and butterflies

A beautiful world it is
Where only we stay
It's our safe haven
And it'll remain like this forever, I pray

So look at the skies gray
It's pouring down for us
It's our celebration
In it we'll exist; we'll buss!

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