Friday, July 24, 2015

Never say goodbye!

Wandering around was my mind
Looking for a place to rest
To finally find peace
Away from the lies and hate

The ghosts of yesterday that chased me
They haunted me again and again
In my remains of yesterday
It reminded me of my misery and pain

I couldn’t save me from me
And all I could do
Was to destroy myself piece by piece
While salvaging a piece or two

In the darkest moment of mine
Where I was trapped, claustrophobic
Where no light could reach
And only end was nigh, catastrophic

 I saw a ray of hope
Filtered through the gaping hole
Brightening the depths of mine
Resurrecting the broken soul

I rose from my ashes
To find the force unknown
What had changed me from within?
Who had given me a different tone?

There were you
Standing right in front of me
With a smile so innocent and electrifying
And eyes through which the world I could see

I was skeptic, afraid
A feeling so strange had overtaken
I didn’t know what to do
‘Cause I remembered been forsaken

I recalled being impaled
By emotions so sharp
They had killed me before
Like a knife, or a wire barb

I remembered the tears
That they had brought to my eye
“Can I let myself go through this again?
Should I give this another try?”

But you didn’t budge
You didn’t leave me alone
You wiped those tears away
You preserved them like they were your own

You cast away all my doubts,
And touched my very soul
You taught me how to breathe again
You gathered all the pieces, you made me whole

Now all I want to do
Is give you everything I could
Move mountains if need be,
Or just be with you for good

You’ve painted me with your memories
Something I will never trade for anything
With your hand in my hand
I could imagine a life where I have everything

There’s only one thing I need from you
Whether I live in hell or fly in the sky
Always be with me
Just never say goodbye!

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