Friday, July 31, 2015

I, you

If I don't have you,
My life would be blue.
I don't know what would I do,
Without you

I would be
A verb without its subject
A sentence without its content
Parts of speech with no parts left

A garden without the flowers
A rain without the showers
A summer without the sun
A soldier without his gun

Without you,
I won't have any meaning.
My life would be demeaning
The world won't exist for me
There's nothing I'd like to see.

But I have you.
My life couldn't be any better
You're the ocean that fills this crater
You hold my pieces together
And now nothing else but you matter

And I have you
I know everything will be alright
I am ready for every fight
All I have is your light
And the strength in your sight

No words do I need
On my land you're the seed
I'll irrigate with our love true
Together, we'll start a life new

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