Friday, July 17, 2015

God's gift: my angel

When you walked into my life
You changed me for good
You gave me the reason to live,
and do everything for you I could.

I heard that angels don't exist.
Yet, here you are right in front of me
Healing the past wounds of mine,
and showing me what I can be.

So when we get together,
and get pronounced man and wife
I know, all will be well with us
Because you will be in my life

Together, we'll scale the mountains,
Together, we'll take the highway
Together, we'll dance tomorrow,
and make the most of everyday

With every passing moment
our bond will only get stronger
We'll fight every odd out there
And love with pure fervor.

What do people know of angels?
Have they ever seen one?
They don't know of the light you bestow
You are my midnight sun

Here's my angel from heaven
A god's gift to me
And with her I'll spend my life
Together, we'll fly away; unafraid and free

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