Tuesday, July 14, 2015

For the first time

When I met you for the first time,
I knew there was something special about you
Something that woke the dead emotions of mine
Reaching the deepest of depths in me
A scary thought of being undone
Mixed with willingness to lose myself one more time.

When you touched me for the first time,
I could feel my heart skipping a thousand beats
Releasing the fears I had harbored in me
Giving way to feelings I hadn't known existed within
Like the sands of time had frozen inside that hourglass

When we kissed for the first time,
I let go of the demons in my head
My heart found a reason to beat again
There were tears in my eyes, of joy long forgotten
And the beast had been slayed, the human reborn

In your eyes for the first time,
I had seen myself, perfectly fine
A reflection to cherish forever
A rhythm to be preserved in my moments
And I could feel your eyes seeing through me.

I dropped the walls surrounding me
Because for the first time
I knew
It was okay to be vulnerable
It was okay to let you reach my depths
And you found my crushed soul to breathe new life

For the first time
I am alive, thanks to you
I can see the picture perfect future of ours
And a beautiful tomorrow awaits us

For the first time, thanks to you!

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