Friday, July 31, 2015

I, you

If I don't have you,
My life would be blue.
I don't know what would I do,
Without you

I would be
A verb without its subject
A sentence without its content
Parts of speech with no parts left

A garden without the flowers
A rain without the showers
A summer without the sun
A soldier without his gun

Without you,
I won't have any meaning.
My life would be demeaning
The world won't exist for me
There's nothing I'd like to see.

But I have you.
My life couldn't be any better
You're the ocean that fills this crater
You hold my pieces together
And now nothing else but you matter

And I have you
I know everything will be alright
I am ready for every fight
All I have is your light
And the strength in your sight

No words do I need
On my land you're the seed
I'll irrigate with our love true
Together, we'll start a life new

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The only truth

I may have have said this a thousand times,
Yet every time I say this
It feels like the first time I say.
Because every time I say this,
I have the same emotions.

I know that it's cliché
When I say,
"I'd do anything for you.
I'll bring the stars on earth,
Or fight the world if I need to."

But when I say so,
Deep down you know
I speak the truth;
I'll keep my word
Even if it means to give up myself

So if I've said this a thousand time
This will be still the first time
When I say this
I love you; I'll always do
Beyond this life and death

And beyond every dimension,
I'd say this another thousand times and more;
I love you; oh! I love you, my dear
And that's the only truth I know

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Our tomorrow

Look at the sky gray
It has opened up
Pouring down on this barren land
From the top to the bottom,
And bottom to top

It reminds me of you;
What your love means to me!
The reason for my resurrection
Like a rain to a dying tree

My monochromatic dull life
Is filled with your colors
Like a blank canvas
That an artist in you discovered

It's your song that I hear
In my soul I preserve it
And my life depends
On what you predict

There's no place better
For me than your eyes;
They are windows to tomorrow
Where there are flowers and butterflies

A beautiful world it is
Where only we stay
It's our safe haven
And it'll remain like this forever, I pray

So look at the skies gray
It's pouring down for us
It's our celebration
In it we'll exist; we'll buss!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Never say goodbye!

Wandering around was my mind
Looking for a place to rest
To finally find peace
Away from the lies and hate

The ghosts of yesterday that chased me
They haunted me again and again
In my remains of yesterday
It reminded me of my misery and pain

I couldn’t save me from me
And all I could do
Was to destroy myself piece by piece
While salvaging a piece or two

In the darkest moment of mine
Where I was trapped, claustrophobic
Where no light could reach
And only end was nigh, catastrophic

 I saw a ray of hope
Filtered through the gaping hole
Brightening the depths of mine
Resurrecting the broken soul

I rose from my ashes
To find the force unknown
What had changed me from within?
Who had given me a different tone?

There were you
Standing right in front of me
With a smile so innocent and electrifying
And eyes through which the world I could see

I was skeptic, afraid
A feeling so strange had overtaken
I didn’t know what to do
‘Cause I remembered been forsaken

I recalled being impaled
By emotions so sharp
They had killed me before
Like a knife, or a wire barb

I remembered the tears
That they had brought to my eye
“Can I let myself go through this again?
Should I give this another try?”

But you didn’t budge
You didn’t leave me alone
You wiped those tears away
You preserved them like they were your own

You cast away all my doubts,
And touched my very soul
You taught me how to breathe again
You gathered all the pieces, you made me whole

Now all I want to do
Is give you everything I could
Move mountains if need be,
Or just be with you for good

You’ve painted me with your memories
Something I will never trade for anything
With your hand in my hand
I could imagine a life where I have everything

There’s only one thing I need from you
Whether I live in hell or fly in the sky
Always be with me
Just never say goodbye!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A vow

Ringing through my head
Is your voice
Day in day out
All I think, all I know
Is you, without a doubt

There is no reason for me
To act this way
All the time.
But somewhere, something has changed
Where your heart rhymes with mine

A connection established
Beyond our comprehension
Unknown to our senses
But a bond created nevertheless
Bringing down the walls, through the fences

Our destinies intertwined
I don't know how
I don't know why
What I do know is
The bond's unbreakable
Whether we live or die

And now our existence
Is beyond our physical forms
Our souls fused together
Promising safe passage
Through all rains and storms

And all is well
In God's own haven
Where we reside now
And in your embrace
I'll spend my life, I vow

Monday, July 20, 2015

Your love

If your love is light,
There's no light brighter,
No sun shinier
And no path more luminous

If your love is rain,
I want to stay drenched
As it is the purest of pure love
That irrigates the barren hearts

If your love is sand,
There's no desert more beautiful
No place more warm,
For I'd want to burn in that thirst

If your love is flower,
I'd want to be the garden
Where it blossoms
And spread your fragrance across me

It's only your love I long
And only destiny of mine
To wrap you in my skin,
For your love is divine

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Angel of my life

I've been around the world
Through seven seas
Through seven continents
And all the oceans

And then I found out
Everything I was looking for
Was in front of me
All I wanted was sight of yours

You spread your wings;
Flew into my life
Made me a better person
Took away all my strife

I want us to be together
And I will give up on you never

You're the angel
The one I was looking for
And we'll fly away
To the realm only we belong

Friday, July 17, 2015

God's gift: my angel

When you walked into my life
You changed me for good
You gave me the reason to live,
and do everything for you I could.

I heard that angels don't exist.
Yet, here you are right in front of me
Healing the past wounds of mine,
and showing me what I can be.

So when we get together,
and get pronounced man and wife
I know, all will be well with us
Because you will be in my life

Together, we'll scale the mountains,
Together, we'll take the highway
Together, we'll dance tomorrow,
and make the most of everyday

With every passing moment
our bond will only get stronger
We'll fight every odd out there
And love with pure fervor.

What do people know of angels?
Have they ever seen one?
They don't know of the light you bestow
You are my midnight sun

Here's my angel from heaven
A god's gift to me
And with her I'll spend my life
Together, we'll fly away; unafraid and free

I love you

I love you
Every word of it is true
There's no doubt that I'll do
Whatever you tell me to

I'll bring the heaven down on earth
Or go to hell if you say
I'll light a candle for you
Or burn for you myself

My love won't die for you
Even if someday I do
I won't give up on you
And I know you are there for me too

These may be just words
But these words mean way more
Because you're not just a person to me
You're the only world I know for sure

You love is my beacon
Of hope and life
And even if life breaks me down,
I know, in you, I'll survive

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

For the first time

When I met you for the first time,
I knew there was something special about you
Something that woke the dead emotions of mine
Reaching the deepest of depths in me
A scary thought of being undone
Mixed with willingness to lose myself one more time.

When you touched me for the first time,
I could feel my heart skipping a thousand beats
Releasing the fears I had harbored in me
Giving way to feelings I hadn't known existed within
Like the sands of time had frozen inside that hourglass

When we kissed for the first time,
I let go of the demons in my head
My heart found a reason to beat again
There were tears in my eyes, of joy long forgotten
And the beast had been slayed, the human reborn

In your eyes for the first time,
I had seen myself, perfectly fine
A reflection to cherish forever
A rhythm to be preserved in my moments
And I could feel your eyes seeing through me.

I dropped the walls surrounding me
Because for the first time
I knew
It was okay to be vulnerable
It was okay to let you reach my depths
And you found my crushed soul to breathe new life

For the first time
I am alive, thanks to you
I can see the picture perfect future of ours
And a beautiful tomorrow awaits us

For the first time, thanks to you!

Monday, July 13, 2015

And, I'll love you

Like a sun you shine upon me
And the clouds of emptiness fade away
You fill me with colors of rainbow
In your colors I want to stay

What did I know of civilities,
Or how to live without pain?
But your touch melted my heart
It put me back together again

Where do I go if not to you?
Where is my place if not in you?
You're my galaxy; I am your star
In you I heal my every scar.

Loving you is not an option;
It's the only thing I know how to
And whether I live or die
Forever and ever, I'll love you

And, I'll love you

Our path

There was a path
I was afraid to walk
A road I wanted to leave alone
An untravelled path of I talk

You held my hand
And took me on that path with a smile
You showed me what it means
To walk together a mile

And by the side of that path
Where we lay to forget our sorrows
I looked in your eyes
Full of life and promises of tomorrow

And I saw you lying next to me
Awake, unafraid of whatever may come
Your touch telling me a thousand things
About what we are, and together what we'll become

I no longer am afraid of living
'Cause I have you by my side
And whatever happens next
We'll be together, together we'll ride

Saturday, July 11, 2015


There's a place beyond this realm
Where our dimensions don't exist
Our forms are not the same
Where time defies logic
And words mean no more

Where our sounds dissipate
And life is beyond recognition
A world so far from our truth
A world beyond our comprehension

A stranger than strange reality
That exists without any knowledge
Where connections snap away
And nothing really matters beyond the edge

In that realm, and thousand such dimensions
the only connection that matters
Is the connection of love

Love's incomprehensible
Love's indestructible
Love is infinite knowledge
Love comes without any baggage

Whatever dimension we reside
Love connects us all
It goes beyond the dimensions of time and space
Love means everything, love is means to all

Friday, July 10, 2015

Come with me

Come with me
Hold my hand
Walk with me
To another land

Allow me to show you
A tranquil place
Full of possibilities for us
Illuminated by your grace

Where your throbbing pulse
Runs through me
Like blood through my veins
Your heartbeat in me I see

Where the tenderness of your touch
Sends chills through my spine
In that world only you exist
Like a sun bright you shine

Where the rhythm of your sound
Fills the empty insides of mine
And every breath you take
Is a moment in which is my life

So come with me
Embrace my pain
Make it go away
Make me sane again

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Forever, and ever

Thank you for everything you do
To make my life a little bit better than before
It's your love that made me realize
How empty I was without you
And you are everything I want to live and die for

In you I found a purpose to my being
And a reason to rhyme and sing
And when you took my heart in lieu of yours
I realized how much I wanted you, needed you

I know we are meant for each other
I know we are supposed to be together
What do I need now in life
When I have you forever, and ever

All there's to my life
Is hold your hand forever
You're the eternal sunshine of mine
We'll always be together, beyond forever

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A part of you

If I were a star
I'd have shone just for you
Like the burning fire you are
Your light would've fueled me

If I were a drop
I would've fallen into your waters
Like the deep ocean of love you are
I would've found peace in your depth

If I were a pebble
I would lie on you
Like the beautiful land you are
Where I could bloom with your flowers

If I were wind
I would've been blowing through you
Like the fragrance you are
I would've been filled with you

Whatever I would've been
I know
I would've been
A part of you

Friday, July 3, 2015

Let's go to a place

Let's go to a place
Where there is no one else
Far from this world
Away from the probing eyes

Let's go to a place
Where I can dance
In your trance
Like no one's watching

Let's go to a place
Free of lies, greed, misery of this world
Where there's only our love that exists
And for nothing we care

Let's go to a place
Where we can lose our sanity
Lose ourselves into each other
And only live in each other

Let's go to a place
Where sun shines for only us
And rain falls only for us
Where every day we live a new life

So come with me
Hold my hand
So that we can fly away
To the place that exists only for us

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

More than words

The words I say to you
They are more than just true
They carry the feelings I have for you
They express everything for you I'll do

The stars have never shone brighter
The winds have never been so strong
They give purpose to my existence
They tell me what's right and wrong

The innocent smile of yours
Is what I treasure so much
Your voice remains in my head
And I long for your divine touch

In your arms
I found my reason to live
That's where I want be forever
Whatever it takes, whatever it gives

There's no future better
Than a life with you
And believe me when I say this
Our love is divine; our love is true