Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Us and we

There was a time
I lost every battle I fought
I had lost my self to them
Defeat was my only thought

Running away seemed the only option
Hiding from everything I feared
Everything seemed my fault
Nowhere did I belong; left were only tears

You found the pieces of me
You put me back together
A battle weary soul redeemed
A wall broken down from the pieces gathered

And now I lay in your arms
Where I found shelter from the storm
Your fingers running through my hair
No more I feel the fear I used to run from

Now that you hold me
No longer do I run
And I have everything to live for
Without any regrets of what I had done

So now we stand together
There is no separating us
We were always meant to be
No you and I, it's us and we.

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