Sunday, June 21, 2015

In my heart

I fight a battle everyday
Everyday I take on this world
Because you are with me
Because you are my love unfurled

I live because of you
I fight because of you
You heal my every pain
I breathe because of you

All I want to do
Is cast my doubts away
And protect you from every pain and misery
That's the only thing I want to do and say

So when the going gets tough
Don't just give up
I'll always be there for you
Nothing will make me stop

Your love powers me
Your love gives me hope
Because of you, my love
I fight through, with pain I cope

So, just hold my hand
Don't let it go
Keep me in your heart and soul
We'll be alright through the storm that blow

God has brought us together
And nothing can do us apart
Leave out all the rest
And just live in my heart

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