Thursday, June 25, 2015

In love

Someday someone asked me
"Define love."
I showed your picture
"She's the definition of love."

"How?" He asked.
"Look at her smile
The purity of it.
Look at her eyes
Window to her soul."

"How do you see all that in her?"
"You don't see that, you feel that.
Her magic, her purity
Her voice entrances me,
Her look fills me with hope,
Her touch thrills my soul,
Her kiss fills me with life.

Tranquil is her song
Calming is her influence,
Serene is her touch
Divine is her embrace

In full moon's light
She sparkles like a diamond
And like a rising sun
She illuminates my world."

"Crazy you're man, crazy!"
He said.
"No, my friend.
In love I am, in love!"

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