Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dear life, for love

They said love isn't easy
That it brings a lot of pain
That it's full of misery
It is the storm, a torrid rain

And when life gets in the way
It takes its toll
Love fades away
And leaves the heart alone

I called out life on that
"There's nothing more beautiful than love."
Life laughed at me
"These are only words you see."

Life threw a punch
It laughed harder
I got back up
It said, "I thought you were smarter?"

Dear life, throw as many punches you want,
And kick me as hard as you can.
But I'll get back up every time
To protect my love divine

Is that the best you've got?
Is this your best shot?
Because no one can take my love
Even if it means giving myself up

Life asked, "why don't you give up?
Why do you fight for love?"
"It's the only thing I know.
It's where I find my strength to go."

Dear life, do whatever you want
Our love is for eternity, whether you like it or not
She's my very soul, my skin is her protection
In her is my salvation

Do what you must, I'll not stop loving
In her is my place
A goddess she is
My life is in her reverence

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