Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The pain I went through
I left it in yesterday
And before the darkness prevails
I'll be gone to a better place

In your dreams will I stay
For you always I pray
Where misery doesn't exist
A life I can't resist

Every word you say
Is the word of God to me
The only thing I hear
The only thing I see

And when we go to tomorrow
There will be no sorrow
Where we'll find bliss
In purity of our kiss

It'll be our beginning
It'll be our rain
It'll wash the sins off my skin
It'll make me whole again

Our dreams will come true tomorrow
When we unite for eternity
There will be no emptiness
Only light of ours illuminating our destiny

Friday, June 26, 2015

The day I met you

The day I met you
Was the day something changed in me
The starlight shone brighter that day
A new hope I could see

A future full of possibilities
Free from the pain of past
I could see our life together
A relationship built to last

Through your eyes I could see the horizon new
In your skin I could feel my vein
A touch of tenderness
As pure as the first rain

The day I met you
My life changed for sure
I understood what is love
A feeling so pure

Thursday, June 25, 2015

In love

Someday someone asked me
"Define love."
I showed your picture
"She's the definition of love."

"How?" He asked.
"Look at her smile
The purity of it.
Look at her eyes
Window to her soul."

"How do you see all that in her?"
"You don't see that, you feel that.
Her magic, her purity
Her voice entrances me,
Her look fills me with hope,
Her touch thrills my soul,
Her kiss fills me with life.

Tranquil is her song
Calming is her influence,
Serene is her touch
Divine is her embrace

In full moon's light
She sparkles like a diamond
And like a rising sun
She illuminates my world."

"Crazy you're man, crazy!"
He said.
"No, my friend.
In love I am, in love!"

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Your love
Is the most beautiful thing
Your love
Is the song I sing

Your smile is stuck in my head
Your touch is etched in my heart
Your beauty is riding on my thoughts
Your purity is part of my soul

A reason you are for my smile
For the things I do all the times
You are what I believe in
You wash away my every sin

Forever I'll revere you
Forever will I be yours
And even if the world crumbles around us
Forever I'll protect you; you're my heart and soul

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dear life, for love

They said love isn't easy
That it brings a lot of pain
That it's full of misery
It is the storm, a torrid rain

And when life gets in the way
It takes its toll
Love fades away
And leaves the heart alone

I called out life on that
"There's nothing more beautiful than love."
Life laughed at me
"These are only words you see."

Life threw a punch
It laughed harder
I got back up
It said, "I thought you were smarter?"

Dear life, throw as many punches you want,
And kick me as hard as you can.
But I'll get back up every time
To protect my love divine

Is that the best you've got?
Is this your best shot?
Because no one can take my love
Even if it means giving myself up

Life asked, "why don't you give up?
Why do you fight for love?"
"It's the only thing I know.
It's where I find my strength to go."

Dear life, do whatever you want
Our love is for eternity, whether you like it or not
She's my very soul, my skin is her protection
In her is my salvation

Do what you must, I'll not stop loving
In her is my place
A goddess she is
My life is in her reverence

Monday, June 22, 2015

An offering

Take me away from me
From the cruel world I know
A nightmare of yesterday
A blinding dream hollow

Put me in your heart
The dream that my soul chases
In your everlasting love
Where my heart beats, my pulse races

Slither through my veins
And fill me with your light
Wash the sorrow off my skin
And give me a new flight

In your divine intervention
Lies the ascension of my soul
The weight of past sins I give up
So that you can make me whole

Today I bow down in front of you
And offer the only thing I have
My heart and soul belongs to you
And your love is filled in that

Sunday, June 21, 2015

In my heart

I fight a battle everyday
Everyday I take on this world
Because you are with me
Because you are my love unfurled

I live because of you
I fight because of you
You heal my every pain
I breathe because of you

All I want to do
Is cast my doubts away
And protect you from every pain and misery
That's the only thing I want to do and say

So when the going gets tough
Don't just give up
I'll always be there for you
Nothing will make me stop

Your love powers me
Your love gives me hope
Because of you, my love
I fight through, with pain I cope

So, just hold my hand
Don't let it go
Keep me in your heart and soul
We'll be alright through the storm that blow

God has brought us together
And nothing can do us apart
Leave out all the rest
And just live in my heart

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Us and we

There was a time
I lost every battle I fought
I had lost my self to them
Defeat was my only thought

Running away seemed the only option
Hiding from everything I feared
Everything seemed my fault
Nowhere did I belong; left were only tears

You found the pieces of me
You put me back together
A battle weary soul redeemed
A wall broken down from the pieces gathered

And now I lay in your arms
Where I found shelter from the storm
Your fingers running through my hair
No more I feel the fear I used to run from

Now that you hold me
No longer do I run
And I have everything to live for
Without any regrets of what I had done

So now we stand together
There is no separating us
We were always meant to be
No you and I, it's us and we.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

No more a stranger

One fine day I met you,
A stranger you were
But more than a person,
My dream turned reality you were

I saw my future in you
The eraser to my past you were
I saw a reason to exist in you
The resurrection of my soul you were

A poet's verse
A divine song you were
An answered prayer
God's gift to me you were

So now I see you
A scene of serenity you are
Whatever I do now,
Its reason you are

So now I see you,
Here, here you are
For whom my heart beats now
No more a stranger you are