Thursday, May 7, 2015

You and I

I never understood the struggle
My perseverance through difficulty and lies
Why had I kept fighting,
When giving up seemed so easy and wise?

But now that I have you
It has dawned upon me
Why I chose not to give up
What was I not able to see?

The fear of tomorrow
No longer lingers on today
Your light is all I see
Your presence shines my everyday

I cherish you in me
I savor your every kiss
I feel every breath of yours
They save me from the abyss

You are my poem
You are my expression
The beauty of my soul you are
You are my only obsession!

My life starts with you
My life ends at you
And everything in between
Is filled with you, and only you

So, please make a promise to me
That you’ll be here forever
Forever you’ll hold my hand
Forever, you and I will stay together

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