Thursday, May 21, 2015

New dawn

My life was never so beautiful
Never had I travelled the untraveled path of emotions
Thanks to you my love
I now live differently; I let go a world of commotions

In a world of chaotic changes
You are my only constant
Your love is my beacon of hope
Your touch is the only thing important

Your love is as pure
As god’s own pasture green
It’s deeper than any ocean, and
Calmer than a river serene

The sun now only rises for us
Illuminating my heart once dark
No longer am I afraid of tomorrow
And on a new journey of life, we embark

Our love has made me
What I thought I could never be
But now that I am with you
The world, in awe, will see

The dawn of a new day
That’ll take all the darkness away
And in your light I’ll bathe
Our love will forever stay

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