Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Angel!

There was a time
I walked the face of this earth
Alone, direction less
Without the knowledge of tomorrow
Devoid of emotions
Vulnerable, defenseless

Then the god smiled upon me
In his grace I found my purpose
Of life, of existence
A sign sent my way
From heavens above
For my persistence, perseverance

A lost soul was saved
From its destruction,
A lost cause was found
In my salvation

I must have done something good,
For god sent me her most beautiful angel
Bestowed me with his best gift
Salvaged my life fragile

All I have to say now is
Thank you for everything that you do
Your love completes me
And loving you is all I do

My age is not in months or years
It's measured in beats of your heart
And my heartbeats are a gift from you
I'll do everything you tell me to

You're my rhythm
You're my rhyme
You're the lyrics of my song
The reason of my verses you are

I knew not what forever meant
And what it meant to be together
But now that I have you
I know,
Being with you is eternity
And forever is not enough to love you

Oh my beautiful angel!
The gods have united us
And in your grace I laugh, I cry
In your love I'll live my entirety
Your life I'll breathe, and for you I'll die

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