Saturday, May 23, 2015

In you I exist

My wretched soul
Was on the edge of the unknown
Ready to give up on life
Tearing through my skin and bone

There was no light
Only darkness prevailed
But then you smiled on me
When everything else had failed

Your song filled my heart
Your smile brightened my day
Like a sun through the clouds
It took my sorrows away

My existence is through you
In your name is my meaning
There is no place I want to be
Than in your every feeling

The god sent you for me
To salvage my broken dreams
In your grace is my salvation
Your calm saves me from all extremes

There’s a tranquil melody
In the union of our soul
Where miseries don’t subsist
And love is the only goal

You are the only song I sing
You are the only prayer I know
And every word I say
Is molded in what upon me you bestow

Quintessential is my existence
As I breathe in your air
It’s the very reason for me
Of nothing else do I care

So press your temple against my chest
Feel your name through every beat of my heart
Your love is what makes it go
Even the gods can’t tear us apart

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