Saturday, May 23, 2015

For you I exist

To your ocean of love
Flows my river of madness
The only destination it knows
The only place it’ll find calm and gladness

What is there in the world if not for love?
That exists through our very unison
In our heart and minds
The remembrance of our divine fusion

And when they ask
“Why do you love so much?”
I have only one answer,
“Her magic is such!”

No more questions are left
No more doubts remain
My destiny is set in stone
As you flow through my every vein

There is no separation
Of I and you;
Fused together forever
Like a river in an ocean blue

Let them say whatever they want
Let them eat their heart out
For they can’t fathom the purity of love
The one we share they don’t know about

In your heart, I finally found a place
A haven I always longed for
So now I can lose myself into you

And love you a wee bit more

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