Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Eternity and beyond

The shadow within me
Has escaped in the light
Like an answer to my prayer
Like a resolution to my plight

Your light has chased the darkness away
It has filled me with new reason
A reason to live again
To weather the storm and enjoy every season

No longer do I want to give up
No longer do I want to run away
All I want is your velvet touch
Like a dawn of a new day

It’s the only thought I have now
It’s the only word I say
So, don’t be afraid of me
If I love you a little more than yesterday

All I have is a hope
That tomorrow would be better than before
Because I have you
And with you, I’ll cross every sea, find every new shore

So come with me
On an adventure of a lifetime
We’ll find a safe haven
Where no doubts prevail, only stays our love divine

Let’s make a promise to each other
Never will we stay apart
For eternity and beyond
Our love we’ll preserve in our heart

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