Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Angel!

There was a time
I walked the face of this earth
Alone, direction less
Without the knowledge of tomorrow
Devoid of emotions
Vulnerable, defenseless

Then the god smiled upon me
In his grace I found my purpose
Of life, of existence
A sign sent my way
From heavens above
For my persistence, perseverance

A lost soul was saved
From its destruction,
A lost cause was found
In my salvation

I must have done something good,
For god sent me her most beautiful angel
Bestowed me with his best gift
Salvaged my life fragile

All I have to say now is
Thank you for everything that you do
Your love completes me
And loving you is all I do

My age is not in months or years
It's measured in beats of your heart
And my heartbeats are a gift from you
I'll do everything you tell me to

You're my rhythm
You're my rhyme
You're the lyrics of my song
The reason of my verses you are

I knew not what forever meant
And what it meant to be together
But now that I have you
I know,
Being with you is eternity
And forever is not enough to love you

Oh my beautiful angel!
The gods have united us
And in your grace I laugh, I cry
In your love I'll live my entirety
Your life I'll breathe, and for you I'll die

Friday, May 29, 2015

For us

I want you to know
That I do everything for you
That’s the only purpose I have
That’s the only way I can do

There was not much that I possessed
Just a few things within
But with the wealth of love that you shower on me
I am richer than I could ever imagine

I love the way you smile
Like a diamond shining through
And the way you look at me
That is my favorite view

In our love resides our destiny
It’s the only thing I know
Now that you and I have become ‘us’

Let the rain fall for us, for us let the wind blow

Saturday, May 23, 2015

For you I exist

To your ocean of love
Flows my river of madness
The only destination it knows
The only place it’ll find calm and gladness

What is there in the world if not for love?
That exists through our very unison
In our heart and minds
The remembrance of our divine fusion

And when they ask
“Why do you love so much?”
I have only one answer,
“Her magic is such!”

No more questions are left
No more doubts remain
My destiny is set in stone
As you flow through my every vein

There is no separation
Of I and you;
Fused together forever
Like a river in an ocean blue

Let them say whatever they want
Let them eat their heart out
For they can’t fathom the purity of love
The one we share they don’t know about

In your heart, I finally found a place
A haven I always longed for
So now I can lose myself into you

And love you a wee bit more

In you I exist

My wretched soul
Was on the edge of the unknown
Ready to give up on life
Tearing through my skin and bone

There was no light
Only darkness prevailed
But then you smiled on me
When everything else had failed

Your song filled my heart
Your smile brightened my day
Like a sun through the clouds
It took my sorrows away

My existence is through you
In your name is my meaning
There is no place I want to be
Than in your every feeling

The god sent you for me
To salvage my broken dreams
In your grace is my salvation
Your calm saves me from all extremes

There’s a tranquil melody
In the union of our soul
Where miseries don’t subsist
And love is the only goal

You are the only song I sing
You are the only prayer I know
And every word I say
Is molded in what upon me you bestow

Quintessential is my existence
As I breathe in your air
It’s the very reason for me
Of nothing else do I care

So press your temple against my chest
Feel your name through every beat of my heart
Your love is what makes it go
Even the gods can’t tear us apart

Thursday, May 21, 2015

New dawn

My life was never so beautiful
Never had I travelled the untraveled path of emotions
Thanks to you my love
I now live differently; I let go a world of commotions

In a world of chaotic changes
You are my only constant
Your love is my beacon of hope
Your touch is the only thing important

Your love is as pure
As god’s own pasture green
It’s deeper than any ocean, and
Calmer than a river serene

The sun now only rises for us
Illuminating my heart once dark
No longer am I afraid of tomorrow
And on a new journey of life, we embark

Our love has made me
What I thought I could never be
But now that I am with you
The world, in awe, will see

The dawn of a new day
That’ll take all the darkness away
And in your light I’ll bathe
Our love will forever stay

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Your protection

The love we share,
Is the only thing for which I care
It’s the only thing I know for sure
That our love is divine and pure

Each day now brings a new hope
Some new smiles and a way to cope
From the miseries of yesterday
I look forward to a new life everyday

My heart only beats for you
Your song gives me the strength to fight through
In every moment of adversity
Your soul gives me the sense of calm and serenity

So, here I make a promise to you
My love for you would always be true
I’ll forever be your protective shell
Whether we stay in heaven or hell!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Eternity and beyond

The shadow within me
Has escaped in the light
Like an answer to my prayer
Like a resolution to my plight

Your light has chased the darkness away
It has filled me with new reason
A reason to live again
To weather the storm and enjoy every season

No longer do I want to give up
No longer do I want to run away
All I want is your velvet touch
Like a dawn of a new day

It’s the only thought I have now
It’s the only word I say
So, don’t be afraid of me
If I love you a little more than yesterday

All I have is a hope
That tomorrow would be better than before
Because I have you
And with you, I’ll cross every sea, find every new shore

So come with me
On an adventure of a lifetime
We’ll find a safe haven
Where no doubts prevail, only stays our love divine

Let’s make a promise to each other
Never will we stay apart
For eternity and beyond
Our love we’ll preserve in our heart

Monday, May 18, 2015

In your debt

The sound of your voice
Rings through my head
The strength it gives me
Brings me back from dead

I knew nothing but lies
The pain and the broken ties
Your voice pierced through them
Saved me from a life I condemn

The path you showed
Forever I’ll walk
Whether it leads to a new beginning
Or puts me on a chopping block

I’ll forever be in your debt,
For I owe you my life
With you I’ll stay forever
Give you happiness; take away all your strife

Your voice is forever in my head
Your face forever in my heart
This was all meant to be

It’s a new life together we start

Thursday, May 14, 2015


The love that I found in you
It keeps me afloat
Gives me the strength to fight
Tells me everything’s alright

In this cruel world
I saw your light of mercy
A gentle breeze of calm
A touch of soothing palm

Let me stretch across you
Save you from this world unknown
I’ll wrap you inside me
In a place where no one can see

The world is full of lies
There are only so many truths
My only truth is you
Our love is vaster than the ocean blue

So let’s become one
Erase the distance that lies between
And then the gods will only see
I in you; you in me

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Line in the sand

Love is the only emotion
That puts the world in motion
It drives everything forward
Makes things perfect and awkward

I know I love you
I know that you do too
The words can’t reveal them
How we share that flame

You slither through my veins
You are the only thoughts in my brain
You are my every heartbeat
You complete the incomplete

You’re a part of me I’ll never let go
For you, I’ll take their every blow
Just keep singing that beautiful song
That’s the only thing for I ever long

I’ll forever hold your hand
And draw that line in the sand
It’ll carry our names together
Etching us in history forever!

You, me, we!

The soul within me
Tells me everyday
You’re my only truth
I live for you each day

There’s nothing else I want
There’s nothing else I need
Just you and I together
You’re my only sacred Creed

Like the sun rising from the east
You’re my universal truth
My pain and my misery
All my feelings that you soothe

You and I are no longer apart
Now all I know is ‘we’
And the forces unknown can’t take that away
Neither me from you, nor you from me

Saturday, May 9, 2015

A life together

The bond between us 
Is stronger than ever
It’s what empowers me
Reflects in my every endeavor

Our life together
Is epitome of perfection
It’s our heaven of love
It’s our soul’s reflection

No matter what anybody says
I’ll forever be yours
Even if I have to fall for you
Or knock down countless doors

No longer can we stay apart
We long for each other
No one can tell us what to do
It’s our world that we’ll build together

Now remains no doubt
Our hearts now beat for each other
An unbreakable bond we share
We’ll always be together

North Star

I love you
That’s the only truth I know
The truth of my reality
That I’ll never let you go

I love your every smile
I long for your soft touch
I burn to give you light
For you, my love is such

What do I know of earthly possessions,
For I don’t own any of it
All I have for you is my love,
And a forlorn soul that to you I commit

I’ll give you every bit of me
And take away all your pain
So that I can see you smile forever
And watch you dance in the rain

To you I owe my life
My angel you are
And with you I’ll stay forever
I’ll be your north star

Friday, May 8, 2015

Your protection

When I look into your eyes
I see my whole world
I see what we are together
I see our love unfurled

In my endless winter
You entered like the warmth of spring
You became my sole purpose
I soared higher than ever; you gave me wings

Let me be your protection
Let me guide you through the life unknown
And when the storm hits
I’ll wrap myself around you; I’ll become your safe zone

I don’t long for adulation
I don’t crave name or fame
All I want is to be a part of you
And take all your misery, all your blame

You are my only purpose
With you I strive for a better tomorrow
I’ll take all your pain,
And soak in your every sorrow

So don’t be afraid of what’s next
Because I am forever your protection
I will keep all your pain at bay
In me, you’ll find only your reflection

Thursday, May 7, 2015

You and I

I never understood the struggle
My perseverance through difficulty and lies
Why had I kept fighting,
When giving up seemed so easy and wise?

But now that I have you
It has dawned upon me
Why I chose not to give up
What was I not able to see?

The fear of tomorrow
No longer lingers on today
Your light is all I see
Your presence shines my everyday

I cherish you in me
I savor your every kiss
I feel every breath of yours
They save me from the abyss

You are my poem
You are my expression
The beauty of my soul you are
You are my only obsession!

My life starts with you
My life ends at you
And everything in between
Is filled with you, and only you

So, please make a promise to me
That you’ll be here forever
Forever you’ll hold my hand
Forever, you and I will stay together

Monday, May 4, 2015

Salvation of a martyr

I stand against the world today
In a war I have little hope of winning
But I won’t give up just yet
Because I have your thoughts in my head spinning

I’ll pick my broken body up
And jump into the battle
For you, I’d do anything
Jump off a cliff, or face a gun barrel

You know I won’t give up
You know I won’t back down
Forever will I fight for you
Whether I swim or I drown

So let me soak in your pain
Let me heal your every scar
Let me be your shield
For you, I’ll fight this war bizarre

Today, I leave my heart with you
As I head to my battle station
And if I lose the war
Preserve this martyr in you; it’s my only salvation

Forever, together

The passion, the desire
They rise like a tidal wave
They crash against my stones
Your name is what they engrave

I’ll let my guard down
I’ll let you peek inside me
Helpless, defenseless
My solemn heart is all you’ll see

Let me take you away
And hide you from this cruel world
So you can bury all your secrets in me
Under my skin they would be curled

So here you stand in front of me
Bathed in my possession
And now that you’re home, my love
I’ll make a final confession

No one can keep us apart
No one can take you away
You and I are meant to be together
Forever, together we’ll stay

Sunday, May 3, 2015

When they come for me

My love for you is unconditional
My passion for you is unconventional
My soul mate you are, my love
My life with you is sensational

I want to hold you in my arms
Kiss at every chance
Travel to the parts unknown
And just stay in your trance

I no longer know what to do
Besides making life better for you
I just want to savor your smiles
And do everything you tell me to

Please come with me to a place
Where no one can find us
Let me show you the broken dreams
That I never discuss

And when they come for my soul
I’ll have only one thing to say
“My love is with me tonight

Take me if you must; just not today!”


There was no halo over my head
No star ever shone for me
I wandered around in search
Of the truth that’ll let me be

I drifted through the territory unknown
Wondering what I could be
An empty shell I was
Only sadness I could see

Then the sight of yours
Changed the very course of my life
A prologue to a brand new story
A hope that I’ll survive

Your smile gives me purpose
Your eyes give me hope
My story had fallen apart
You showed me how to cope

Now that you’re here
I can never look away
You wrote a new tale of salvation
It keeps my grief at bay

So, please come to me, and
Write an epilogue of epic proportion
I am incomplete without you

You are my only redemption

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Last direction

I lived a meaningless life
A life that served no purpose
I had no reason or aim
I kept playing the part in this life’s circus

But you found a key
To unlock my soul
You found that tiny heart
Writhing in pain, longing to be whole

You brought back me my feelings
You made me forget the lost
You changed the landscape in my view
You melted away my heart in frost

Your love is all I want now
And want to be your only protection
But if I have to die tomorrow
Just follow one last direction

Find my bones and take them with you
Build a safe haven and keep yourself warm
So that I know even after my life
I protect you from every pain and storm

Uncharted, uninhibited

The time I spend with you
Passes by in a moment
But it’s my eternity
It mends my heart broken

I showed you a side of me
I didn't ever know
You washed the sorrow off my skin
My life to you I owe

I was just a chaotic river
Not knowing where I go
But I found your ocean of love
In your serenity, my insanity I let go

My life is a gift to you
Your name is carved on my heart
I would never let you go
No force can tear us apart

My reality is now better than any dream
My passion for you is emancipated
You are my only shot at life
My love for you is uncharted, uninhibited!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Morning star

The sun shines upon my face
Reminding me of your grace
I am thankful to you for my every breath
You make my heart race

The angel that you are
Healing my every scar
You released my writhing soul
You shone upon me like a morning star

I hear your every unspoken word
I feel every emotion you stirred
And when I see you looking at me
My spirit flies like a freed bird

My heart is now in your possession
My life is now your expression
Let me hold you to my chest
Because you are my only hope of redemption

Our love is true

I have lost all control
I no longer own myself
You've stolen me from me
My heart is the reflection of yourself

No longer do I dwell in past
No longer do I think of the coming time
My present is all that means to me
You’re my only reason, you’re my every rhyme

My heart skips a beat
Every time you smile
When you look at me the way you do
My life seems worthwhile

I walk a road
I had never taken before
I follow the gentle breeze
It leads me to your door

So, please fill my heart with your song
It wants to beat for only you
You have become a part of me
I love you, and our love is true