Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New hope

It was the end of the road
A path I never saw
The hope that was gone
But you woke the emotions raw

My sanity was fading
Yet I wanted to feel alive
You came like a breath of fresh air
You made me want to survive

Please walk with me till the road lasts
Don’t give up on me now
Please save me from myself
Let me let go my broken vow

The resentment of unfulfilled dreams
Let me wash them away
Even if it is just a fleeting moment
It’s my eternity, I will be okay

So don’t let my hope die
Let me savor every moment
Set my demons free
Let me cherish your enchanting scent

Walk by my side
And dream of the morrow
Just hold my hand
Let me take all your sorrow

I’ve lived before
But only today I feel alive
You have given me new hope
Together with you, maybe, I will survive

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