Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My enchantress

The darkness in my soul
That cast a shadow over me
Your enchanting presence chased it away
It allowed me to see

The signs of life that I didn’t know existed
They are stronger than ever
My lonely path to my end
Now leads me to you forever

You breathed into me a new hope
You acted for me a savior
But if you walk away from me
Just do me a favor

Put a dagger through my chest
So that my heart doesn't beat again
Burn me down to ashes
So that I don’t live in vain

You know I live for you
You know for you I’ll die
So don’t give up on me, my love
Give me a chance; just let me try

I’ll find a way for us
I’ll break the walls that stand between
Just ride with me through the end
We’ll find the pasture green

So, let me be enchanted by you
Let me be your protection from storm
Just don’t leave me alone, my enchantress
Let me burn for you; I’ll always keep you warm

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