Monday, April 20, 2015


The strength in my soul
The beat of my heart
All was gone as I begged for mercy
All was lost, I was ripped apart

I was forced to give up
I was ready to move on
But then came a ray of light
To melt a heart forlorn

I couldn't fathom the feeling
The signs of life were long gone
But what had changed the mood
What had breathed into me a new song?

The fading eyes of yesterday
Were showing signs of revival
I had been dead for a long time
But why do I now long for survival?

No, this cannot be my salvation
I have been there before
I have seen the destruction of dreams
That life that I abhor

So, leave me by the wayside
Don’t sing those cheerful verses
I am a bottomless pit of despair
I am the epitome of blasphemy and curses

Go, live your dreams
And sing your beautiful song
I am no phoenix
Love has been a chimera all along

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