Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Final Goodbye

I cried when you were here
I cried when you walked away
The pain was too much to bear
But I let you go, I couldn’t say

I remember what you told me,
“Never say goodbye.”
But now that you’re not here
Can my soul finally die?

I know it doesn’t matter to you
I know you don’t writhe
And even if I suffer a little
For you, it’ll be alright

The lights have faded
The stars don’t shine
But I won’t beg for mercy
You’re not divine

I kept up the masquerade
But you wanted out
So what does it matter?
Why should I have doubt?

Take away all your misery
Take away all your pain
Just give me my sanity back
I lost it for you in vain

The emptiness of tomorrow
I’ll overcome today
The pain and the sorrow
I’ll leave them in yesterday

So, don’t just walk away
Give me one fleeting eye
There’s nothing I’ll say

Just kiss you a final good bye

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