Friday, March 27, 2015

A World Cup to remember

So here we are, 2 days away from the final of the 2015 Cricket World Cup. An exhilarating journey is about to end. Two very strong teams will take on each other in Australia and New Zealand. There will be one winner and one loser. One team will lift the trophy while the other will have to be content with the runners up tag. That we'll see on March 29, 2015. However, this World Cup has been more than that. This World Cup is truly a World Cup to remember. Why you ask?

Unless ICC decides to change its decision, this is the last world cup that features 14 teams. With the next World Cup cut down to 10 teams, there is a remote chance of seeing an Afghanistan or Scotland in 2019 edition. There's a remote chance we see a Hameed Hassan cartwheel. There's a remote chance we see Kyle Coetzer bringing it. There's a remote chance Brendon Taylor wears red again. There's a remote chance we see Shaiman Anwar score all those runs again. There's a remote chance we hear about a team's rise from its blasted ruins again. ICC may as well change their name to Imperial Cricket Conference again. 

The sweet sound of Sangakkara's bat hitting the ball will be heard no more. Jayawardene's silken touch would be seen no more. No longer would anyone be exasperated at Afridi's no show at the batting crease or Misbah's slow scoring rate. We'll no longer see a Vettori leaping at the fence like a superman. A heartbroken Morne may not feature the next time we debate a South African loss in an ICC cricket world cup. 

We may see a backhand on the cricket field. We may even see a karate chop to a bowler. Bouncers may become illegal. Fielders outside the ring may become illegal. Spinners might decide to take up something else as their career. Cricket may well become softball with high full tosses being the only legal delivery. 

But till this all comes true, let's hope we see the rise of a team which knows how to play with passion and humility at the same time. A nation that has caught the cricketing world's imagination and has shown what it means to play cricket in the right spirit.

This World cup is truly the world cup to remember.