Sunday, October 12, 2014

Time away from Social Networking

Some time ago, I had written about how it's important to get our eyes off our phone screens and away from our computers, tablets, phablets etc. In short, spending time away from the so called social networks. Then it hit me: I should try it myself. So I decided to get away from the social networks I use the most: Facebook and Twitter. I tried getting away from Whatsapp as well but then I don't use it heavily to begin with, so that was ok.

It's been around 2 months now and the results have been....fantastic! I have had great time with myself. I was able to indulge in my hobbies more. I was able to read more. In fact, it felt like I had more time on my hands. I was able to talk to my colleagues more. I still possess the bad habit of looking at my phone every now and then, but I'll send it back to my pocket almost immediately most times. 

I was able to observe the world around me more closely. I could laugh more, discuss more, banter more. I spent more time around, you know, real people. It has been great. 

Try and experiment with time away from your 'social network.' There's no guarantee of success, but may be, you'd get the time to rediscover yourself. 

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