Monday, September 15, 2014

Flipkart, thank you. Not!

This post might seem like a rant, but I can't help it. The latest experience with Flipkart has left a very bad taste in my mouth. And as my Blog title suggests, I will share my experience with you (I mean whoever reads this).

So first, let me state what happened. I ordered a phone (Moto G 2nd gen) from Flipkart and paid up front (which I am regretting at this time). The delivery was expected on September 10. Come September 10, I track the order and it has reached Ahmedabad. Alright, so it doesn't get delivered on that day. I understand that because if you've read or heard news, there was floodlike situation in Vadodara that day. I decided to wait. Friday, September 12, I see the order tracker showing the product has reached Vadodara (7.43 am). I call in to check when it'll be delivered in the afternoon (apparently they hadn't delivered it yet) because Flipkart usually delivers goods by evening 7 o'clock but I wouldn't have been at my place because I work evenings (and I stay alone so no one could accept the delivery). They promise the delivery next day.

Saturday, September 13, 1 pm, I call again because, as you would've guessed, the shipment wasn't delivered. The gentleman on the other side tells me the shipment had been damaged and needs reshipping! Amazing, isn't it!? I had pretty much blown my gasket but tried remaining rational and asked for a call back from his manager (which he promised within sometime). 1 and half hour later I call again (any guesses why?) and the next gentleman tells me that he'll get the shipment delivered the very next day. "Sunday? Are you sure?" was my obvious question to which he said that he'll try. Meanwhile, the order tracker online still shows that the order is expected to be delivered by Wednesday, September 10, 2014. Isn't that great?

Sunday I check the order status online (which hasn't changed yet) and ask for a call back. The lady who called me said that the shipment was delayed by the courier service and she'll take full responsibility of getting the delivery done on Monday, September 15. She also denies that the shipment was damaged. Pushpa (employee ID 72813)  tells me she'll see to it that delivery gets done. 

Today is Monday, September 15. I receive a text and an email from Flipkart telling me that the last shipment had to be canceled and they've reshipped the item. New delivery date you ask? September 24, 2014 (as you can see above). So while I write this post, my shipment is somewhere out there while all I've gotten from Flipkart is runaround and gotten fed lies. I have this strong urge of canceling my order but guess what? Moto G is exclusive to Flipkart and that means I can't get it anywhere else. 

I used to admire Flipkart because they always had amazing service. I can get it that shipment can be delayed for whatever reasons. But why doesn't the website reflect that? If the shipment was damaged, why did it take such a long time for them to find out? Why did I have to call in and find out what happened? Why did I get fed lie after lie? To the agents' credit (who handled my call), they remained calm and polite (good training I suppose?). But on the part of Flipkart, WS retail and whoever handles their shipment, this has been a major fail. Customer service was ludicrous to say the least and it almost seemed like the left hand didn't know what the right hand's doing. This whole turned into a mess which could've been easily avoided.

And as while I finish writing this post, I've received email that my complaint ticket has been marked closed. Thank you Flipkart for nothing!

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