Sunday, February 16, 2014

The sense of Equality

Sometime ago, I posted a link on my Facebook timeline. For those who cannot catch it there, here it is.

Gorgeous Photography Series Portrays Gay Couples All Over The Globe 

This work of Branden Summers is beautiful. It goes against the age old rendition of what a perfect couple means.

This work of his got me thinking. What do we consider equality? We always talk about bringing equality to all realms of society. Still, it's nowhere to be found. Equality, while in theory is possible, is highly improbable. The ruling by Supreme Court to make homosexuality a criminal offense is disgusting and unnatural. How do you ban something natural? How do you judge that a certain sexual preference is criminal? 

We live in a society which favors discrimination. Discrimination of gender, discrimination of religious beliefs, discrimination in castes, and now sexual orientation. We fight them with more discrimination. Caste based reservation, affirmative action in corporates, all of this just shows how unequal our society is. And you cannot fight it without being harassed by thousands of others (because that's their right, isn't it?).

I have no idea what human rights are in India. Equality and freedom go hand in hand. However, total freedom is just an illusion in this country, at least at this moment. Constitution of our country does everything to restrict a right they provided i.e. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. God help India, if you exist!

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