Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Rapist Society

Sometime ago (I don't exactly remember when) I got into a mild argument with one of my friends. "These girls attract rapists by their behavior. Look at their clothes these days! First they'll give you open invitation and then they'll complain when they are raped. This is all influence of West on us. What has happened to our culture?" I said nothing. I was just trying to wrap my head around what he said. I wanted to vehemently deny it, but something stopped me. I got thinking.

Was there any sense in what he was talking? Is it really the way he said it is? I thought some more. Then it dawned upon me. He is right! It's girls fault. It is totally her fault. How dare she does all these things and then expect to get away with it? Does she not know that she's not supposed to be out late nights? Or she is not supposed to wear skimpy or revealing outfits? It's totally her fault. Girls need to understand that they live in a rapist society.

She lives in a society where gay marriage is unnatural. She lives in a society which is religiously intolerant, though the same religion depicts a woman married to five men. She is part of a society where the heroes of the religious scriptures put their wife at stake as part of a gambling game. She's been brought up in a society where burning herself with her dead husband is dignified but marrying after being widowed is condemned. She is brought up on a land where when a man smokes, it's alright, but when a woman smokes, she's of little character. She is living at a place where she is brought up as 'paraya dhan.' She is part of a society where she marries someone she barely knows and has no right to say anything about it. 

Ladies, I am sorry, but it's all your fault. You are the reason you get raped so much. Don't complain when it happens to you. You have no right to cry foul whatsoever. So please, stop crying and live with your mouth shut. No one's listening.

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