Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Year resolution

So, here we are. We are ending another year. Another 365 days gone (almost). We are 1 year removed from the proverbial 'end of the world' (what a bummer!). It's time to start thinking about the next year. Yes, year 2014.

Every year, I take a new year resolution. 23 resolutions later (yes, I started taking new year resolutions at 4! Does that give my age away?), I see that I haven't done much with them. And here I am, about to take another new year resolution. Yes, I know we still have some time left before new year dawns upon us. But I can't help it. I have to think now. Every year I think that I'll break the proverbial shackles and do something new. I haven't yet. So, this time, I want to stay ahead. I want to take a new year resolution early. I want to follow through on it. I want to make sure I stay ahead of time.

Here it is. My new year resolution is: no more resolutions. Enough thinking. It's time for action. It's time for me to catch up to my dreams and ask them what went wrong in the past. No longer will I look out for new year. More than that, I'll cherish every new moment. I'll play by my instincts. I'll take more risks. I'll care more for everything and everyone I love. I'll love everything and everyone I care for. I'll take life as it comes and will not back down from any challenges it throws at me. I will make things happen.

My new year is going to be about every new moment. How about you?

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