Friday, October 11, 2013

A true legend

So, here I was talking to my friend about various things that have been going around. As we have become these days, we check our phones regularly (for no apparent reason). Suddenly, my news app flashed the news. Didn't think of it much at that time. After all, it was not something out of ordinary. Yes, someone retired from cricket. What's the big deal? Only later did we start realizing that someone was no ordinary man. That someone was Sachin Tendulkar.

An era has come to an end. One of the greatest ever (if not the greatest) has bid adieu to a sport billions revere as a religion in this country. And that man is revered as a god. Sachin Tendular's retirement does mark the end of not a chapter, but a book. A book filled with amazing memories and painful heartbreaks. His statistics are out there for everyone to see, so I'll not load this piece with any statistics. His stats speak for what he has done. But more important is what he is as a human being.

With success comes responsibilities and he never shied away from them. He shouldered the expectations of over a billion people for almost two and a half decades. Can you imagine the amount of pressure he had been under? Imagine what that pressure can do to a mere mortal. But he not only hung on, he excelled under it. Sachin became synonymous to cricket in India. But despite all that, he remained a humble, down to earth human being. Success has done crazy things to many big names. But here is a man, more successful than so many of the contemporaries, still feet on the ground.

In modern world, controversy creates cash. However, you'd be hard pressed to find a controversy on his name. A true family man, you'd hardly see him outside of cricket. Endorsements and publicity stints aside, this man would be hardly seen out or making headlines outside cricket. You can nothing but admire this man. He has had his share of detractors and haters, which is bound to happen with the amount of publicity he has garnered over the years, but not one person can question his character as a human being.
Never once you might have heard him talking bad or ill about someone. His humanity, composure, calming influence are almost beyond any mortal.

His retirement from the cricket leaves a void which is almost impossible to fill. Sure haters will still hate (which I've already seen on so many message boards and comment sections of news articles). But if you can't acknowledge the greatness of this man, you are just an ignorant person. He's that true role model we all yearn for and who are difficult to come these days. He is once in a lifetime phenomenon that we all were  so blessed to see. Sure, cricket will move on, life will go on and we'll move with it.

Thank you Sachin for being a true role model. Thank you for all the memories. Cricket will never be the same again.

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