Sunday, September 1, 2013

To love with hate

You buried and you left
your secrets in my skull.
You took away what was mine
and left me in a lull.
You wrecked my haven,
Leaving me in despair
You took away everything I had
Forgetting what we share 

 You forgot what you stood for;
the crisis of the untold
The voice of the voiceless
Now has been sold?
The memories constrained
 And you behold,
What is left of me
And the pieces I hold.

The dead memories and your secrets
have become a part of me
You turned me into what I hated
 I am what you wanted to see.

Take away all your lies
I can't hold them anymore.
 They rip me into shreds
This is what you loved me for?
Release off the harness
You've put me in.
Crack open my skull
Let me dissolve within.

I want to break free
of the shackles I'm in
Just so you know,
I lose, you win.
But remember the wrong
What doesn't kill
Just makes me more strong!

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