Friday, September 20, 2013

I am the Y-generation

I am today's man. I am a no nonsense person.

I can think for myself. I need lesser suggestions and yield more results. I have a vision. I possess the knowledge to fulfill that vision. I stand for what is right. I hate hypocrisy. I long for logic and hate superstitions. I respect the concept of god but I hate using him as a tool to explain my success and my failures. I love my parents but hate being told what to do. I respect my elders but hate them telling me what is right. I need proof for facts otherwise they are just opinions to me. I have an opinion and not afraid to air it.

I love my country but hate the way it is run. I love my schools but hate the way the subjects are taught to me. I love my gadgets and the technology. I have a conscience and know what is right and wrong. I respect traditions but open to new ideas. I respect the concept of religion but hate it dictating terms for me. I want to carve my path on my own terms and would hate to be stopped or hindered by anyone.

I am the Y-generation. I am ageless and my ideas are timeless. I have ethics and I am bound by them. I respect your stand and I understand what you must do. I only expect to be understood in return and not be questioned on everything I do. Tell me what to do and not how to do. I have my flaws but I rather embrace them than hide them. 

I am not perfect and I like it that way.  I may not be everything you hoped for, but I am still the future. And if you give me a chance, I can prove my worth. You may be surprised!

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