Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yet again!

August 23, 2013. Yet another case. Yet another rape. Yet another outcry. Yet another reminder of what we've become as human beings.

This was a reminder for sure. Reminder of what happened last year. It's been barely 8 months when we had yet another brutal gang-rape. Police is out on search and has nabbed 5 of them already. They will be prosecuted. They may even be punished (hey, it's Indian judiciary system, we never know when the judgement's coming). But, question remains the same. Would that be enough? Can we get rid of these cases ever?

No law, no constitution can guarantee safety, and that is the truth. We have laws against rape, we have laws again murder. In fact, we have laws for and against every crime we can think of. But do they guarantee safety? They don't. Then what will. What can guarantee safety of women, and these kind of cases, the innocents (remember the male colleague who was beaten and tied up at the scene?). Can anything guarantee safety? 

Nothing can guarantee safety more than people's mind. Remember, people who commit these crimes are also part of the same society we live in. Our politicians, our citizens, our celebrities, all of them can only condemn the act. But none of that is going to stop this crime. The only way this crime can ever be curbed is by changing the mindset of the people. What am I talking about?

I was talking to one of our company drivers on our way to work when this news came on the radio. He commented, "This is all girl's fault. They wear all kind of clothes (read skimpy) and go out and then people blame it on the rapist." I wanted to retort in the most aggressive ways, but something stopped me. I do not agree with what he said and will never do. This is not any girl's fault. She has the right to wear what she likes. Everyone has. But it got me thinking about our society.

Our society is conservative by nature. We are in a transition phase. A lot of these changes in our daily lives are new to lot of people. Whether we live in a big metro city, or in a small town, the whole woman liberty concept is new. The 'liberal woman' concept is very new to our society. 

I mean I still hear people gossiping if a girl smokes. Smoking is bad for health, for everyone. But no one gossips when a male does that. However, when a girl does that, people take notice. Not only males, everyone. Same goes for so many other things. And in the same society, we have some of these beasts who cannot resist the temptation and commit such heinous crimes.

It's all in the mind. Our society needs to change. We talk about equality, but we still push for age old norms and look down upon anyone who is slightly different. We talk about liberal views and we still are conservatives. India is not the only country which has these psychopaths and sociopaths, they are everywhere. No country is completely safe. But the difference is the overall mindset here and in those western countries.

Everything would continue to be same. Rapes would continue to happen. Molestations will continue to happen. Girls would continue to be unsafe. Innocents would continue to be unsafe. We would continue to be unsafe. We'll condemn these acts, but would not be able to stop them. Nothing will change till the time we take the responsibility and change our mindset. Otherwise, we'll continue crying on the streets in vain. Crime against women and the weak, innocents would continue happening.

Let's bring some difference. It's all about tolerance and control. Let's educate people who can be. Let's respect women. In fact, let's respect every human being. Remember, live and let live.


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