Sunday, August 4, 2013

Those were the days!

Do you remember college? I do. My friends do. Everyone in my circle does. Why do we remember them. Why? What was there?

It might seem cliche but it's really difficult to top your time as student. You might've hated your school or college but you'll never forget those days. For me, those days are fond memories. Those days can't be forgotten. Those days remain close to heart.

Back in the day, we were seen as mischievous crew. And we were. No denying that. We did everything we shouldn't have. We raised hell for our lecturers. We bunked. We flunked. We failed. We passed. We did everything there was to be done. But the best thing that we did at that time, and which was something not everyone liked, was we dreamed.

We dreamed of better future. We dreamed of cool girlfriends. We dreamed of being superheroes. We were unrealistic. We dreamed of time machines. We dreamed rebellion. We dreamed saving the world. We dreamed damsel in distress situations. We dreamed what nobody wanted us to.  How dare we dreamed? But we did it anyway.

We were unorthodox. We made lives hell for others (not in a dangerous way). We created havoc day in, day out. We went to college and hit on girls, and for some weird reason, we all would hit on the same girl. We played cards. We placed bets. We lost some, we won some. We stood together in troubles (mostly created by us). We celebrated together. We cherished moments together. And we dreamed together.

We look back at those moments and smile. We realize now that those days are not coming back. Some of those dreams have fulfilled, some still remain. But the best part is no one can take those days away from us. May be it's nostalgia, but it doesn't change the fact that those were the days! Those were the best days of my life!

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  1. Wow! What a thought! true no one can take it away from us. And well dreams unfulfilled also give us space to continue... no?

    I was thinking we could all come to blogadda forum and discuss our WOW posts there where results are announced. What say? It will be fun!