Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sir, do you know me?

Dear MP,

Hello! Sir, do you know me? Yes, me. No? I am common man. Does that ring any bells? You must've seen me somewhere. Yes, definitely.

You must've seen me in the daily local train. Yes, the same red one. I travel in it everyday. Haven't you heard about it? Sometimes bombs go off in them. But I travel in it anyway. What to do? My family needs a bowl of rice to eat everyday. 

Did you see me yesterday at the local vegetable vendor's place? Yes, I go there almost everyday. Yesterday, I went to buy some onions. But guess what. Apparently, I can't afford them. No worries. I'll adjust my daily diet to a 'no onion' diet. Just give me warning every time something becomes unaffordable. 

Are you now able to recognize me? No? Haven't you seen me at one of those fuel stations? Yes, the big one. I go there everyday. You know what though? I receive lesser fuel for the same amount I pay everyday. What? Buy more? I sure will. However, my pay doesn't rise with every hike in fuel prices. But I'll adjust and make sure I don't drive my bike all the time. It is good to walk sometimes, isn't it?

Now you must've recognized me. Yes, the same common man? My neighbor's daughter was harassed on her way to home last night. But don't you worry. We've talked to her and we'll make sure she returns before dark now onwards. We wouldn't want to disturb your police, right? They have to protect more important people, and I understand that.

Is it that difficult to recognize me? Haven't you seen me at one of the bus stands waiting for bus? You must have seen at one of those road side vendors. I asked them what I could get for Rs.12. He answered, "Certainly not a dollar!"  

At least you should know that I pay you. No? I pay you your salary. I pay for your expensive cars. I pay for your big houses. No?

But I know you'd recognize me. Next year. When it'd be my time to vote. Next year you'll come to me. You'll beg in front of me. You'll plead and promise stars to me. You'd do everything to woo me. You'd even be ready to kneel down. You know what. I promise you that next year, you'd not want to face me. 

With love,
Common man


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