Monday, August 12, 2013

B positive

My blood group. In fact, it is the blood group for a lot of people. Okay, no, I am not talkin about blood groups here though.

Our world is more gray than we care to admit. We cannot paint it black and white as we would want, and we know it. And it's okay. We cannot classify everything as good or bad. But what worries me more than anything is we have become so cynical.

I have a small task for everyone (or whoever can do it). Open your local newspaper (or whichever newspaper you read). Then count all the positive and negative stories in that paper. What do you find? Right. Positive stories are far outnumbered by negative stories. Do we really live in a world where poitives are outweighed by negatives so heavily? Why have we become so negative?

Turn to anyone around you. You'll find good and bad in them. But somehow, we only see the bad things. We complain. We outright dismiss ideas. Why? We have problem with everything. Introspect. When was the last time you shared something positive with your peers? Why has it become so difficult for us to be positive?

Answer is within us. These days we are stressed. From our work to our home, everything stresses us out. Positivity is difficult to be found in such stressed environment. And that rubs off on everyone around us. Take a moment out and think. From youth to elderly, everyone's complaining about what's going wrong.

Take a moment and ponder. Look at little children who laugh. Everything's positive and rosy to them. Then what happened to us? When did we become so rigid and headstrong? Questions would always be there. Answers lie within.

Take a moment out of your busy schedule. Smile back at someone who smiles at you. Stop looking for underlying messages. Take people on face value for once. Make things simple for yourself. Thank anyone and everyone who does even a very small thing for you. Connect with nature. Laugh like a child. Stop being cynical. Stop being sarcastic. Joke, and laugh on jokes. Stop being know-it-all for a moment.

Just stop for a moment and be positive. It'll not only make you happy, you may become reason for someone else's smile as well.

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