Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quota in promotion

Let me tell you a story. There were two boys. Both belonged to middle class families. One was from (so called) upper class and the other from the listed backward class. Both were really close friends. They studied together till high school. After school, both appeared for entrance for professional courses. The second scored 5% lesser than the first one, but got a seat in a coveted government college due to the reserved seat. The first one barely got a seat in one of the private colleges and paid hefty fees for it.

Fast forward 4 years, both of them completed their graduations with identical grades. Well, almost identical. Time to appear for job interviews now. An opening in one of the government agencies comes. They both appear for the interview. Both pass the interview, again with almost identical scores, but the second one gets selected based on reservation. The first one is heartbroken because not only his families' financial cofers are empty, but also he doesn't have a job.

Yes, this is a fabricated story. But so many people relate to it. Of course I do. But this is not the point of this story. A person who's got the job is already equal to everyone in the same department. Then what does reservation in promotions accomplish? Where does the necessity arise of reservation in promotions?

From experience I know that the reservations never worked the way they were supposed to. What does it accomplish? Civic unrest? We talk about equality and introduce a bill which defies the very base of that. Promotions at workplaces are based on the ability of a person who is believed to be able to handle the responsibilities and pressure which comes with the stated promotion. Where does caste, color, gender or religion fit into that definition? This is all bullcrap that plagues our country.

Yes, the story I stated above is not complete because the conclusion depends on the bill which is in the parliament. Only time and politics will determine the outcome, and public can only watch helplessly.

And if you think this doesn't affect you, think again. You might be in line for that promotion on which your and your family's future depends.

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