Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Live and survive

For now, I’ll survive
Survive to fight another day
Survive to take another chance
Survive just to stay

Tomorrow will bring new things
The Sun will rise again
The ocean will be at my feet
I’ll stand among insane

Soon there will be order
Soon there will be sanity
Imagination will triumph
Weak will be vanity

I must not give up
I must not follow
Just keep my word
Don’t let them sound hollow

Dawn of new things
Would be upon me
For now though
I’ll just let it be

Things get out of hand
Sometimes out of control
But should I give up?
Just let them roll?

No I won’t have it
I won’t go away
Next step is the big one
And I’ll do it my way

Saturday, November 10, 2012


So I sit here, looking in the vicinity, trying to find what is happiness. I look at all the gloomy faces around me who have similar questions. Everyone around me is running in a random direction; all in search of something. Difficult to pinpoint what they are after, but pretty clear that whatever they're after relates to happiness somewhere. What is happiness? What defines it? Is it part of our journey? Or is it the destination? What makes someone happy? So many questions, and everyone is looking for an answer. And guess what? The answer is there inside us. We just fail to see it. Refuse its existence and keep on dwelling on its non-existence. Yes! We like being unhappy. Worse, we don't like if someone else is happy. We talk about making world a better place to live? Then let's not kid ourselves anymore. Human intelligence should serve its purpose. We should learn to be content with what we have. All above questions would answer themselves. I rest my case.