Sunday, October 14, 2012

Satisfaction V Contentment

So, my trainee approached me with his resignation. I asked why did he wanted to resign. "I am not satisfied with this job. I want to quit because I feel very dissatisfied. I think this place is not a fit for me." was exactly what he told me. And as usual, it got me thinking. Satisfaction. Is it overrated? Is it ever possible to be satisfied with your life, with your work or whatever you are doing? I have a job and I have experienced dissatisfaction at various points in my career. But I didn't quit. And I know a lot of people at my work place who aren't completely satisfied with what they are doing, but they are sticking anyhow. 

What satisfies someone? Doing what they want may be? Or achieving what someone wants in his or her life may be? But the question is: Can someone be completely satisfied? Can you actually be satisfied by what you have achieved? And what if you do not achieve it? 

Everyone has some dream, some motivation, something worth working for. Something which when you do, you feel satisfaction. But as a human being, I feel there is no way you can be completely satisfied. You work on and for something and you keep your fingers crossed, hoping that you'll successfully complete it and achieve that satisfaction that you were aiming for. But I feel you can't be satisfied. But wouldn't that become a paradox then? You can't be satisfied and you can't give up something because you are not satisfied. Then what is the solution? How can you be not satisfied and still keep on working with something you are not satisfied with?

The keyword here is being content. That's the state I believe is something which lies between being completely satisfied and not being satisfied but still going on. Sometimes, you may not achieve what you are aiming for. But for that moment, you can be content with what you achieved, what you got out of your effort. You can live with yourself and still keep on working. Of course, this is only my opinion. But won't you be rather content for the time being rather than completely satisfied? You look at a kid who may not be satisfied with what his father bought him for birthday, but is content because he at least got something. Would this approach help? Would you be content and keep working on for what truly satisfies you? 

That's what I believe in. Being content for the time being, keep working on what you want in your life and keep your fingers crossed that one day, you'll achieve that true satisfaction you've been longing for.

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