Sunday, October 28, 2012


Life is a journey full of uncertainty and that is one thing we can agree on, right? What is it about life that makes it so special? It is that uncertainty I am talking about. Life is full of surprises, isn't it? And after I look at everything around me, I appreciate it even more.

The best thing about life is not knowing what is coming next. All that matters is the present. The past is bygone. The future is something we do not know about. And somewhere we keep beating ourselves over what has already happened and what is going to happen. Why? Do we really need to worry so much about it? Why can't we simply enjoy the moments we have now rather than thinking about the past and the future?

I look around myself and I see people: worried people. Worried about their jobs, worried about their family, worried about their projects, worried about their children. Reasons unknown but all these worries start turning into frustration. When anyone approaches me, I ask him - Why are you frustrated? What frustrates you? Their answer is 'life.' These are some common dialogues you hear everyday. 'My life sucks', 'my life blows', 'I can't get a hold of my life.' Folks, let's clear this out of our way. It is not your life which is difficult. It is you being difficult on yourself. Frustration, desperation, emotion gets better of you and you start blaming your life. And part of it comes from not knowing what's coming. 

Speaking of future, isn't it good not to know what's coming? If you knew, would you be better prepared for your future? Would that bring any immediate change in your life? No, it won't. Be happy, be content. I know it's easier said than done but it's actually not that difficult. Be thankful for what you have, be firm on the ground you walk and let everything else take care of itself. Just for a while, forget everything. Take a deep breath, look in the vicinity and just relax!

Let's take a vow. Let's become that child again who smiles because of what he has and doesn't worry about what he may not be having. That's the best thing in life. Just be yourself and nothing else for a moment. Just say to yourself, "I am alive!"

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