Sunday, September 16, 2012

Amdavad to Baroda

What is so special about this? This is a regular routine for countless people everyday. The people who 'up-down' everyday for job, may be for studies. Or someone like me who commutes every now and then between these two cities. So what's so special? The specialty lies in the fact that there is nothing special about it and yet, this whole journey has a beauty surrounding it. People have become so busy that they miss out on some of the best scenes and arid yet green pastures of Gujarat. There is nothing special about crossing Mahi Sagar River, nothing special about a couple of Poultry farms, nothing special about the farms which we pass on the way, or for that matter, the two citisque towns that used to be part of journey between these two cities but now are completely bypassed (thanks to Expressway). It is such a regular occurrence for so many people that no one even notices this is a journey anymore. This regularity defines our overly repetitive life where we miss the beauty of the journey because of the destinations where we have to reach. Most people sleep through what could be amazing experience. 

This is so analogous to our journey of life. In our life, we miss so many beautiful moments just because we are in a hurry to reach our destination. Life is a journey to be enjoyed. When did we forget that?

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